Live communication engages all the senses and speaks to the whole person. This makes it the most impactful form of communication there is. And that is what inspires and drives us at expopartner.

For our customers in the healthcare and life sciences industries, we use all the media and opportunities offered by live communication – and we actively develop them further. For example, with innovative, digital formats and tools that expand the communication space into the virtual sphere or by effectively designing the customer experience before and after a congress.

All of this requires a diversity of people who think, design, and implement new approaches. This combination gives rise to the enthusiasm that drives us.


Creating powerful experiences for the healthcare and life sciences industry


The possibilities of communication have never been as diverse as they are today. Paradoxically, this does not make the challengers communication professionals face any easier. On the contrary: When it comes to choosing channels, it is no longer an either-or choice, but increasingly a both-and. In the future, we will communicate live in person or virtually, but will leverages the benefits of both – also simultaneously and networked with other channels in the marketing mix. We reflect this diversity.



And we do it with a full focus on the healthcare market with its very special rules of engagement. We have been implementing trade fair and congress communication for 40 years, including more than 20 years for top players in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. We therefore know that this unique environment demands more than “just” developing an outstanding architecture or an innovative event format: It also requires a deep understanding of the underlying products, target group needs, and the regulatory framework.

We turn 
science into experiences, and experiences into impact.

Working in interdisciplinary teams, we analyze our marketing goals, product messages, and the communication environment and transform dry science into unforgettable experiences that bring people together and touch their emotions with the right mix of architecture, dramaturgy, and innovative technology.

10+ customers, exclusively from healthcare and life sciences

We shape impact