Shaping the future of live healthcare communication

You won’t find new solutions in old drawers.

We are a one-of-a-kind full-service agency:

Strategic and creative  
Experienced and disruptive   
Focused and interdisciplinary  
Healthcare agency, creative workshop and booth builder

Logistically convenient, centrally located in the Rhine-Main metropolitan region, and very close to the action in the capital city of Berlin: Our locations create efficiency and proximity.
Everything we do is dedicated to one topic: effective live communication in the healthcare and life sciences industries – whether physical, virtual, or hybrid.

Reach the next level –

We are convinced of the power of live communication. And that is precisely why we have been expanding your opportunities for years with innovative ideas, tools, and formats:

RedLab® - our interdisciplinary innovation laboratory

HUB-i® – the digitally networked trade fair booth

VDB – intelligent data management for your event

We shape impact