As a company focused on live communication, we operate in a resource-intensive environment where economic interests must be balanced with social and environmental sustainability.

As a result, we are committed to protecting the environment and applying the concept of sustainability to all aspects of our business. To achieve this, we consciously focus on resource-saving production and sustainable concepts for events, tradeshows, and congresses. The digitalization of events in particular holds great potential in terms of sustainability – we have been a pioneer in this area for several years now with the digitally networked HUB-i® trade fair booth. On request, we also offer our customers many other options for reducing their event’s environmental footprint, from jointly developed sustainability concepts to the setting up fully climate-neutral trade fair booths.

In addition to implementing customer projects, we also strive to be as sustainable as possible internally. Starting with our materials, our locations, recycling and reusing trade fair booth parts, and, of course, with the people who work for us.

“As a medium-sized agency, our employees are our most important resource. Their enthusiasm is a decisive factor in the success of our company. That’s why we promote a corporate culture based on mutual respect, appreciation, and flat hierarchies.”

Andreas Weber & Gerald Ambrozus

Managing Director | Partner

We have summarized our UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and identified three key areas of activity that will allow us to ensure our sustainable development.

Employee development

As a company, we can only be successful if we have motivated employees who actively shape and support our path to the future.

To this end, we rely on lean management with short communication channels, active involvement in shaping processes, and targeted, long-term development of our employees. We take the health of our employees very seriously, which is why occupational health promotion and occupational safety are very important to us. To ensure that all our employees are able to pull together, we treat all people equally, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, religion, ideology, age, or sexual identity. Everyone is treated with respect.

Business & compliance

Our business success is based on high ethical standards and uncompromising compliance with legal requirements and guidelines. Acting in accordance with these values is a top priority in the highly regulated healthcare industry. We live up to our corporate responsibility through regular training on topics such as compliance, law (e.g. Law on Advertising in the Health Care System), and hygiene standards. In addition, we consistently implement our sustainability approach along our entire value chain. We regularly inform our suppliers and business partners about our sustainability strategy and actively take sustainability into account when selecting our suppliers. Our goal is to preserve our ecological footprint and promote the common good.


We care about the environmental impact of our core business. Through production and logistics, we consume resources, produce waste and emit CO2. Wherever possible, we try to counteract this

by using renewable energies and 100% green electricity. We offset our CO2 emissions by funding climate projects. They are further reduced by our increasing use of digital products, which reduces our waste production and, along with it, our carbon-heavy processes. We also reduce waste through continuous optimization of resource-efficient processes, proper disposal, and consistent recycling and upcycling.

An environmentally friendly fleet consisting of electric and hybrid vehicles completes our basic ecological commitment.

By offering climate-neutral events, we actively protect the climate beyond our own production facilities.

Our Sustainability Report provides facts, figures, and other information about our efforts in the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability:

Our Sustainability Report 2022

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