Live communication taken to the next level

For several years now, expopartner has been thinking ahead with live communication and creating solutions that enhance, digitally connect, or even replace the experience of a physical event.

RedLab® – our interdisciplinary innovation laboratory

HUB-i® – the digitally networked trade fair booth

VDB – intelligent data management for your event

If you want to actively shape the future, you have to look beyond your own expertise, consider different perspectives, and dare to experiment. At expopartner, we do this on the regular in RedLab®. Yes, some ideas emerge that ultimately turn out to be less than brilliant or difficult to implement. But there are also ideas that lead to new ideas. And ideas that turn into tangible solutions that enrich live communication with new possibilities and impact – such as HUB-i®, the digital hub of the customer experience.

Of course, RedLab® is also open to our customers – for inspiring ideas, creative workshops, and an exchange of experiences on new forms and formats of live communication.

Looking for new ideas? We'’l put together a team tailored to your needs, create the framework, provide the impetus, and work with you to develop new, viable approaches.

HUB-i® is an analogue meeting point and digital data hub. The heart of the digitally networked trade fair booth is the HUB-i® Core, a data hub specially designed for live communication.

The HUB-i® Core interlinks innovative software solutions, making it possible to offer visitors an optimal user experience at every stage of their congress journey – from advance communication to follow-up, in person at the trade fair booth, or online via smartphone or browser.

Data always flows in both directions: content to the output channel and processed performance, analysis, and tracking data from each channel back to the data hub, accessible via a central access point.

HUB-i® thus forms the basis for integrating live communication at congresses, conferences, and events into an orchestrated, omnichannel global concept.

Brief projects in a standardized way, configure and calculate them yourself, order them automatically, and document them afterwards: The expopartner Event Database (VDB) is our database-based project management tool that is at your side from the planning stage to the event itself.

Your personal account gives you access to a wide range of services and tools for your event planning, making your daily work easier and processes more efficient:

  • Catalog: Overview of all products and prices
  • Briefings: Detailed briefing on events
  • CE: Innovative quote generation
  • Ordering: Easy ordering of roll-ups, exhibits, mini trade fair kits, etc.
  • Contacts: All expopartner contacts at a glance
  • Archive: All your events documented with pictures and key facts
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