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How we work: Annual working time accounts, vacation days, paid overtime, remote work

Individual work schedules and vacation days
We don’t have rigid work schedules. Instead, we focus on you and your individual needs and circumstances. Want to work a 40-hour week? Great! You have a hobby you want to make time for, you care for family members, or you volunteer and need one day off a week? We’ll find a solution.

Paid overtime
We work in the event industry, with seasonal fluctuations. Let’s face it, there will be some overtime; it’s part of the industry and part of expopartner. But rewarding overtime is also part of our job. That’s why we keep track of every hour of overtime and make sure you get paid or get time off later. For example, in the summer when we’re not so busy and you’d rather be at the lake.

Annual work time accounts
Work doesn’t follow a weekly schedule, and neither does life. That is why we have decided to use annual work time accounts, where each member of our team can decide for themselves how much they need to work and how much they can work. This allows us to manage seasonal fluctuations, while at the same time allowing you to have time for your personal life without having to take a day off.

Five-day week
Despite all the work we do, there is one thing that sets us apart from other agencies in the event industry: We rarely work on weekends. Of course, some project managers may have to deliver a booth on the weekend, or someone from the creative team may be at a trade fair on the weekend looking for trends. 

Contract remote work
Thanks to our two locations, we have known for a long time: You don’t have to be in the same office to collaborate successfully. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been able to choose whether we want to work from home or come into the office. We give our employees the freedom to decide where they want to work, and we add remote work days to their contracts. So that you can count on it.

To help us all work well together, no matter where we are, we have agreed on core work hours. Outside of those hours, you can decide when you want to work. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl.


What makes us different: Team, customer industry, locations

Team spirit – together for expopartner
“Our heart beats red for expopartner!” No wonder, the company color is red, you say? That’s true, of course, but there’s more to this statement than meets the eye. People who get a taste of expopartner often stay with us for many years, developing our customers, themselves, and the expopartner team. We’re proud of that! And we are particularly pleased when colleagues we said goodbye to once find their way back to us. Because they miss expopartner, because they have never found another team like ours or the same team spirit in any other job.

Experience expopartner – while eating, exercising, or paryting
If you work a lot, you need a balance. We try to create this balance at work by providing meals, having lunch together, and exercising together twice a month. And we look forward to having our next party soon, too! Whether it’s our summer party for the whole family, an impromptu lunchtime BBQ, an after-work beer or NA to get you in the mood for the evening, or, of course, our annual Christmas party. Of all the events we organize, these are our favorites!

An exciting, resilient customer industry
In the pharmaceutical industry, there are a lot of regulations that apply to everyone that new colleagues first have to get familiar with. This sometimes means restrictions, but as an interdisciplinary team we work well together. And our customers also have a decisive advantage: They are crisis-proof. And that is how the cooperation between the customer and the expopartner team has gotten us through the past few years.

Our locations: Rhine-Main and Berlin
Our locations could hardly be more different: Surrounded by greenery in Flörsheim, with the opportunity to go for a walk in the countryside during your lunch break and the diverse Rhine-Main region on your doorstep. Or right in Berlin, with all the benefits of the big city right outside the office door, short distances to our customers and many events. expopartner can be experienced and lived at both locations. And if nature or the city air gets too much for you, you can simply work at the other location for a while.


How we develop and grow: Onboarding, advanced training & promotion opportunities


When it comes to our projects, there is no specific training or degree program. This means that when you start working with us, we will provide you with the relevant knowledge so that you can get off to a good start and support the team. What tools do we use, what processes are there, what specific expertise do you need for your day-to-day work? To that end, there is an onboarding process at the beginning of your time with us. During the onboarding process, you’ll learn and deepen your knowledge, but you’ll also get to know all the teams and their roles. The onboarding process is complemented by our mentoring model and open doors, so you can ask questions and get answers at any time.

Advanced training
On the first Friday of every month, you’ll find out that training doesn’t have to be boring at our Pharma Marketing Jungle Camp. At this event, specific pharmaceutical marketing topics are presented and everyone can contribute topics and questions. But that’s not all. In addition to standard training on the programs we use every day (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, or CAD programs), we regularly offer our teams training and seminars tailored to us and our topics, such as our Summer Academy.

Have you found a training program that would help you and your work (and all of us)? Let’s talk about it – individual training courses like that are also possible! Last but not least, like everyone else in our team, you can access the long list of seminars on Haufe Lernwelt and attend online seminars that are right for you.

Your career at expopartner
Even though expopartner offers the classic career levels such as Junior, Mid, Senior, Key Account, and Team Lead, your journey with us does not have to follow a fixed path. Together, we will look at how we can use your experience for expopartner, where your strengths lie and where you would like to develop. Even the team boundaries are permeable, which means that you may develop in a completely different direction over the years than you and we initially thought. It’s important that we stay in touch about this. That way, we can always find new opportunities and challenges, and together we can find the right career path for you.


How we pay: Tax-advantaged salary components, travel allowance, company pension scheme, childcare allowance

We take advantage of tax-advantaged salary components to help you keep more of your gross salary. There are many options available for us to choose the one that is right for you – so let’s talk about it! Here are just a few:

Support on the way to work
Admittedly, our office in Flörsheim is not conveniently located for public transportation. But until we have our own bus stop, we will support you on your way to work. Be it a travel subsidy, a company bike, charging your electric car, an expopartner carpool, or even a public transportation ticket. Of course, this is especially true for our Berlin colleagues, who already have the stops right on their doorstep.

Company pension plan
We all have to plan for retirement. We help you by contributing to your company pension plan. In this way, you not only provide for your retirement, but also benefit from a tax-privileged contribution. If you would like to contribute yourself, we have the right contact person for you. They can advise you and find the right options for you.

Childcare allowance
When childcare costs are deducted from your net pay, it is less fun to look at your pay slip. We will try to find a way to subsidize these costs with tax relief so that you keep more of your salary.


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